Corporate Identity and Branding may be the most important elements in the marketing mix. They are distinctly different, but often confused as being the same thing.

  If you're a consumer products goods manufacturer, more than likely your packaging distinguishes your product from others. If you're more service oriented, then your marker of choice for staking your claim becomes more difficult.

  All the above require distinctive visuals. That means graphics or logos that convey an identity directly, openly and subliminally. These visuals must be easily recognized, but more importantly remembered. A mnemonic.

  My background has allowed me to create and develop several corporate identities. Identities such as the Scrubbing Bubbles - as you may see in the packaging section of this web site. And because of my design and creative background I can assist you in creating and developing your corporate identity, be it a logo, brand, or audio bite - remember Intel? - and I can assist you even further by developing and publishing your corporate identity's usage and standards guide.

  If I've piqued your interest, please give me a call or try an email. Just remember, if now's not the time,

Think about my work when it is.

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