Website/Interface Design - R. Arthur Bradbury

  Arthur Bradbury is a highly accomplished, well-known wood worker, restorer and cabinet maker in New Hampshire.

The development of Arthur's website was completely managed by me, including concept, content, layout, the works.   The marketing objective for this site is to promote Arthur's expertise and the high quality of his work. So I used his hands as the theme to project craftmanship, experience, and skill.

  The site also captures his warmth and personality within the site's colors and in the down-home style it's written in, which by the way is very "Arthur", and has proven to be very successful.   All the hand photos were taken by me as Arthur worked. Other site photos were taken by Arthur or his clients. Rather than glamorous, they show the "real deal" and communicate a more personal snap-shot flavor. Several examples of the wide range of his work are on display.

A targeted marketing strategy was initiated in concert with the website's debut, to alert new arrivals to the area of Arthur's presence, to expand local awareness by word of mouth and example, and to inform clients of the added value and beauty his craftsmanship brings to their homes - now and for generations to come.

The site ranks in the top listings for Carpenter or Cabinetmaker, New Hampshire, et. al.


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