Standards & Usage Manual Background

  With the increased recognition of the Scrubbing Bubbles due to our package redesign, it became evident that DowBrand's vendors required a visual standard for the Scrubbing Bubbles themselves. Through our development of a Standards Manual, the Scrubbing Bubbles franchise icon retained its unique brand equity providing consistency in advertising, and marketing collateral, etc.

  Today the web would be the perfect medium to use for such information, with downloadable visuals and .pdf data files. Since this manual was developed pre web, thousands had to be printed and distributed to selected vendors.

This Standards and Usage Manual contained all views of a Scrubbing Bubble derived from an approved 3-D model we had created. The Manual stipulated all accepted usages, and licensing information. Early animation studios used the model and this manual extensively in developing the ads we're all used to seeing today.

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