Website/Interface Design - The Cat Doctor

  The Cat Doctor of Dover, New Hampshire was founded in 2002. I developed the user interface, concept, design and content of this award winning web site.

Its interface was based upon simplicity and a bit of whimsy to appeal to the site's user - a cat owner. My concept was further developed by establishing and promoting the new clinic's presence; identifying the services offered; a visual of the new building so new clients could identify and landmark it; plus a brief overview via slide-show of the facilities and staff to project their personal warmth.

Also emphasized was their unique cat trademark - utilized in advertisements and on the clinic's vehicles.

  The site's professional and friendly "personality" reflects that of the doctor, Joann Young, DVM, and provides facts, entertainment, timely events and happenings to bring a closer relationship with the pet, the pet's owner and the doctor -- a relationship that is reflected in the clinic's credo which greets each visitor on the home page.

The site ranks in the top listings for cat doctor, new hampshire, et. al.

Below is the Award letter and next to it, a sample newsletter (The Caterwauler) cover.

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Alan Anderson