Lighthouse Photographic Illustration

  The original image of The Old Saybrook Lighthouse in Connecticut was taken on an early September morning. Alas, the original slide has been misplaced so it can't be rescanned, thus, on close examination there is some pixellation in this image that we'll have to live with for the moment. The starkness of the scene and the colors had the feel of an Edward Hopper painting straight from the camera (See lower image). With some modest tweaking with Photoshop, that feeling and look was enhanced to the final image shown here.

  Photographic Illustration is a step beyond photography in that the artist paints with the camera, and the final image is a compilation of either one or more (pre-planned) images, visual textures and/or colorizations.

  Photographic Illustration in its purest sense is becoming a thing of the past due to Photoshop and other means of digital editing. Prior to digital media these artworks were created within the darkroom, applying unique techniques with implements and enlargers, in uses for which they were not intended. Today, thanks to Photoshop and digitization in general, tedious hours in the dark and use of noxious chemicals are fading into the past.

  Hopper original:
  Lighthouse At Two Lights

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