Website/Interface Design - Maptech, Inc.

  At the time this site originated, circa 1997, my position at Maptech was Manager, Interactive Design and Web Development.

  I managed the web group in the creation and development of Maptech's web site, and was responsible for the interface, the look and feel of the site, and the development of Maptech's Mapserver, the first of its kind on the internet. The user interface for the mapserver was ahead of its time and highly acclaimed when introduced.

  Until just recently the Mapserver I helped develop was the only source for simultaneous viewing of topographical, nautical and aeronautical charts, and satellite views online.

  Maptech has been sold, and the original website and mapserver interfaces design were changed; new chefs require new sauces..

  However, the overall utility of the mapserver remains as it was constructed - an indication that its interface/architecture was well conceived and developed.

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