Maptech's Digital Interactive Cruising Guides

  The Florida Keys - Debuted in 1996, this product was ahead of its time - the first interactive CD Cruising Guides devoted to mariners. This series of CDs was a brand extension of Maptech's already acclaimed, 350pp plus, printed Embassy Cruising Guides.

  User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), not even words at that time, became paramount as the development progressed from wireframe to completed project. "New" items like javascript menus were implemented - wow! Another "new" benefit was that it was searchable. Imagine that! One could quickly seek marinas, restaurants, harbor facilities like pump-out stations or repair facilities, which allowed the mariner to quickly adapt to changing conditions. In short, they facilitated cruise planning at home or aboard.

  Each harbor "section" displayed its nautical chart along with features of interest regarding the local port, from available marinas to emergency contact information. As connectivity to the internet aboard became more prevalent, the CDs became inefficient and dated. Still, they remain handy for backup - the prudent mariner's watchword.

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