Tetley Project Background

  Iced teas have evolved into the highly competitive soft drink market. Cheap imitations continually push for market share. Tetley's original can looked like a generic copycat with none of the quality associated with the Tetley name.

  Tetley commissioned me to design a line of bottles and cans with a family look (24 SKUs). My knowledge of flexo and litho printing resulted in a design that satisfied the diverse production requirements for each container.

The new design would also be up-scale. Therefore the Tetley logo was cleaned up and strengthened to reinforce its quality perception...its equity, the essence of the true branded product.

  Refreshment and taste appeal were the key elements in the new design. Flavor hybrids were designed and color coded for easy identification whether standing upright or lying on their side in a vending machine. Another award winning project.

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